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National LGBT tobacco control networkResources



Tobacco Action Plan

The top 5 priorities

  1. Create One National Campaign: One Logo/Name and Message
  2. Develop Clearinghouse on LGBT Tobacco Efforts
  3. Identify Data Sets for Analysis and Conduct New Research
  4. Enhance Connectivity with Larger Anti-Smoking Organizations
  5. Build Resources for Development Programs and Initiatives

see full action plan (PDF)

Resource Library

Cessation Planning & How-to Guides

  • American Lung Association Cessation Report

    Quitting Smoking Saves Lives and Money:
    New American Lung Association Report Finds Most States
    Failing to Adequately Protect Residents and Their Bottom Line

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  • Covenant House Quit Card and Poster

    Covenant House's creative advertisements for a cessation group.

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  • Evaluation of Smoking Cessation and the GLBT
    community in Canada

    Evaluation by Gentium Consulting on behalf of the Program Training and Consultation Centre
    January 2005.
    The project's underpinning is that it is important to provide all smokers, from all communities and backgrounds, with a cessation environment where they feel comfortable and confident to express their own personal issues. This project's main objective was to provide and further develop gay-specific smoking cessation programs designed for men and women in both French and English within the City of Ottawa.

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  • Executive Summary: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease

    December 9, 2010, U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA, released a comprehensive scientific report that details new findings on how tobacco smoke damages the human body and leads to disease and death.

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  • GLBT Community Center of Colorado's
    SmokeFree Case Study

    In 2005 the State of Colorado passed Constitutional Amendment 35, increasing tobacco tax from .20 to 84 cents per pack. All new revenue, approximately $189 million per year, was designated for health related purposes including approximately $25 million earmarked for tobacco control efforts. As part of the enabling legislation, at least 15% of the funding coming into the tobacco control program had to be used to address those with higher than average tobacco related burdens. Based upon national data, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) population was designated by the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP) as a disparate health community launching a statewide effort of tobacco reduction within the GLBT community.

    This Case Study provides a summary and highlights of Colorado's SmokeFree GLBT project as their movement begins to reverse decades of tobacco industry targeting, marketing, and resulting addiction within the GLBT community.

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  • Helping Smokers Quit

    A Tobacco Policy Trend Report from ALA

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  • Helping Smokers Quit: State Cessation Coverage 2010

    The American Lung Association

    What’s New in Helping Smokers Quit 2010
    *All data updated to October 2010 (unless otherwise noted)
    *2010 trends and changes to coverage policies
    *Information on how health care reform and other recent federal initiatives help smokers quit
    *Now featuring trends and state-by-state data on cessation quitlines

    The report discusses:
    *The benefits of helping smokers quit
    *Describes comprehensive cessation benefits
    *The role of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA)
    *Next steps for states to take

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  • How to Run a Culturally Competent LGBT Smoking Treatment Group

    This 20-page book distills lessons learned from over 20 LGBT treatment groups run across the country as part of an American Legacy Foundation research project. Information is given on how to set up staffing, do outreach, tailor a curriculum and find other resources. The last chapter of the book adds a bonus, a low-effort recipe to evaluate any tobacco treatment group complete with model evaluation forms. According to Dr. Scout, "It was really frustrating to us as evaluators to realize there were no turnkey evaluations for treatment groups available. So we decided to create one we hope anyone can use because we all deserve to know when we're succeeding." If you would like to order a copy of the book for yourself or your organization, please follow the link below to fill out an order form. For a PDF version, please visit

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  • Identifying, Reaching and Delivering Culturally-Appropriate Telephonic Cessation to the GLBT Community

    This document outlines the way that Minnesota has reached out to the LGBT community through their quitline.

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  • LGBT Policy Statement on Comprehensive Cessation Services

    Networks' 2010 policy statement supporting comprehensive cessation coverage to healthchare for all individuals.

    Keyword: Policy paper, position statement, policy statement

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  • LGBTQ COMMUNITIES: Motivation to Quit Smoking

    Full of quit tips, motivational stories and resources, check out this LGBTQ Quitguide created by the Network and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

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  • Mautner Project's Smoking Cessation Brochure

    A brochure for lesbians and quitting smoking.

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  • NALGBTCC Tobacco Control Program Final Report

    A report of the findings from LGBT smoking cessation 46 focus groups in 22 cities. The focus groups looked into the association between stress and tobacco use; the role tobacco plays in within social life; tobacco's association with other drugs, especially alcohol; and smoker's attitudes about quitting and their health. Includes survey results and example surveys.
    The report is very useful in helping LGBT community centers that are looking to get involved with LGBT tobacco prevention and control or are already running a program.

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  • NYAC FREE Resource Guide

    A resource guide for FREE – Friends for Real, Educating and Empowering – which helps train youth LGBTQ peer educators and adult allies to confront Tobacco. Information on youth statistics, youth marketing strategies, how-to quit and a full list of LGBT smoking cessation groups throughout the country.

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  • Queer Tips

    Smoking cessation interventions in San Francisco's queer communities (Queer Tip): background of LGBTs and smoking, history of QueerTip and collaborative research, lessons learned, youth findings, transgender findings, evaluating existing classes, new smoking cessation manual, and future directions.

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  • QueerTIPS Manual

    A Stop Smoking Class for LGBT Communities - facilitators manual. This manual is built on empirically validated methods of smoking cessation (the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association), previous LGBT stop smoking approaches (The Last Drag by CLASH, and Out and Free: Sexual Minorities and Tobacco Addiction by Emily Brucker), as well as the professional expertise of LGBT smoking cessation specialists.

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  • Sample Evaluation for Tobacco Treatment Group

    An excerpt from a forthcoming manual on how to run cessation groups -- see this manual for a lessons learned and research-based sample evaluation that can be used with different tobacco treatment groups. It's made to be super simple for non-researchers to use!

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  • Smoking Cessation Among Women with and at Risk for HIV: Are They Quitting?

    HIV-infected and at-risk women in this cohort have lower smoking cessation rates than the general population. Given the high prevalence of smoking, the high risk of adverse health events from smoking, and low rates of cessation, it is imperative that we increase efforts and overcome barriers to help these women quit smoking.

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  • Surgeon General 2010 Clinician Booklet: What to Tell Your Patients About Smoking

    Surgeon General 2010 Clinician Booklet: What to Tell Your Patients About Smoking

    This one-page fact sheet summarizes the findings from How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease: A Report of the Surgeon General. This fact sheet features smoking-attributable chronic disease information as well as “how to quit” information from the Clinical Practice Guidelines (published by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). The fact sheet provides simple talking points and key information to help medical providers talk to their patients about quitting tobacco use.

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  • Surgeon General 2010 Full Report: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease

    The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    A Report of the Surgeon General

    Thursday, December 9, 2010, U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA, released a comprehensive scientific report that details new findings on how tobacco smoke damages the human body and leads to disease and death.

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  • The Last Drag Curriculum

    A Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Transgender/HIV-positive
    Stop Smoking Program
    Facilitator’s Guide

    This facilitator’s guide has been developed by the California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership for the sole purpose of providing technical assistance and training
    to facilitators of the Last Drag Cessation Program.

    Gloria B. Soliz, M.Div., T.T.S.
    Freedom From Smoking Facilitator and Trainer
    Certified by the American Lung Association
    Tobacco Treatment Specialist

    December 2006

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  • Tobacco Control in Low SES Populations

    A document of Legacy: For Longer Healthier Lives

    September 2010

    The report addresses tobacco use and prevention and cessation resources in low-SES populations. It explores promising evidence-based practices that address tobacco-related disparities. It also features five LEGACY-funded case studies that demonstrate how organizations are addressing these issues: 1) Culturally Tailored Tobacco Cessation and Prevention for Asian America Men (International Community Health Services, Seattle, Washington); 2) Youth Social Media Campaign to Reduce Cultural Tolerance for Tobacco in Rural Maine (CUT the Habit Project, Franklin County); 3) Adapting the 5As Model for Pregnant Smokers in Rural Tribal Communities (Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, Keweenaw Bay Area); 4) Putting the Spotlight on Commercial Tobacco Use (Indian Health Service Change Tobacco project); and 5) Tobacco Cessation for the Low Income Population (Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, STRIDE-Strategies to Reduce Tobacco Related Illness in the Emergency Department, New Jersey).

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LGBT-Specific Cessation Programs

  • "Become an Ex" Campaign

    This smoking cessation program focuses on re-learning life without cigarettes.

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  • Affirmations Center- Smoking Cessation Programs and Discussions
    Ferndale, MI

    Quit Smoking Workshop
    We can help you find out if you're ready to quit, and give you the tools to get started on developing a plan to kick the habit for good. Tobacco companies have been marketing their deadly products to us for years-now is the time to stop giving them our money and our health!

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  • Affirmations Community Center

    The LGBT community center in Ferndale, Michigan -offers monthly quit smoking workshops for the LGBT community.

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  • Bitch to Quit : Chicago, IL

    Free Quit-smoking groups for women. Run by the Howard Brown Health Center and the Lesbian Community Cancer Project.

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  • Covenant House Quit Card and Poster

    Covenant House's creative advertisements for a cessation group.

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  • Gay City Health Project- Out to Quit
    Seattle, WA

    A free six-week smoking cessation workshop series for gay & bisexual men who want to: make a plan and stick to it, learn skills to handle stress and health, and get support from other queer guys.

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  • L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center- The Last Drag
    Los Angeles, CA

    The Center's free smoking cessation program, the Last Drag, is a series of seven, two-hour sessions that offer gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive smokers the tools, techniques and personalized support they need to become non-smokers.

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  • LGBT SmokeFree Project -The LGBT Community Center in NYC
    New York City, NY

    For the past decade, the Center has provided free tobacco cessation services geared toward the LGBT community. They currently offer three programs:
    Queer Quit, Not Quite Ready to Quit, and Commit to Quit.

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  • LGBTQ COMMUNITIES: Motivation to Quit Smoking (National Edition)

    We now have turned our Blue Cross/Blue Shield Minnesota guide "LGBTQ COMMUNITIES: Motivation to Quit Smoking" into a national document full of quit tips, motivational stories and resources. created by the Network and We're happy to share this book with any quitline who wants to reprint it for distribution to LGBT callers,just shoot us an email!

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  • Mazzoni Center - Philadelphia's LGBT Health Center

    Mazzoni Center offers several different cessation support groups as well as individual counseling and a "Fresh OUT mixer".

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  • Pacific Pride Foundation - Kick Butt Tobacco Cessation Program
    Santa Barbara, CA

    A tobacco cessation program for the LGBT community in the Santa Barbara California area. Kick butt offers group classes, individual programs, and workshops for smokers who are not ready to quit yet.

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  • Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa

    Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa (PPGI) is paving the way for sensitive LGBT health care in Des Moines and around Iowa. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals often encounter obstacles in accessing open and accurate health care. PPGI is working to eliminate these barriers through our multifaceted LGBT Initiative. The three year effort has three goals:
    Improve health care for LGBT people.
    Raise awareness of the health concerns of LGBT people through community education and outreach.
    Establish adoption services that welcome LGBT people as adoptive parents.
    Services available at the Family Practice Center include:

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender healthcare
    Family and pediatric care
    Minor surgery
    Obesity management
    Cancer screenings
    Preventative care and immunizations
    STI testing and treatment
    HIV testing
    Smoking cessation

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  • Put It Out
    Chicago, Illinois

    Mixed gender smoking cessation groups for LGBT individuals through Howard Brown Health Center.

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  • Quitline Poster-LGBT Friendly

    Check out our resource library under Spotlight on Quitlines and Surveillence for the LGBT Tobacco Quitline poster that will soon be up in health centers and doctor offices around the country! If you would like a copy of the poster, or know where we could put one up, let us know.

    download file
  • The Last Drag
    San Francisco, CA

    FREE quitting smoking classes for LGBTI & HIV+ smokers in San Francisco.

    Quit smoking in a confidential and supportive group setting. Classes led by a highly skilled and experienced clinic leader certified by the American Lung Association.

    Classes are held four times a year and are free of charge.

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  • The Mautner Project - Kick Butts
    Washington, D.C.

    Mautner - the National Lesbian Health Organization - offers an 8 week toabcco cessation group in Washington D.C.. They also have a "delicious lesbian kisses" countermarketing campaign. (see the ads under the countermarketing link)

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  • Verbena - Out to Quit
    Seattle, WA

    A tobacco cessation program for lesbian, bisexual & queer women, of all ages, ready to quit tobacco use. (Seattle, WA).

    Out to Quit groups once per week of eight consecutive weeks. Participants must be willing to commit to attending all sessions, unless unusual circumstances exist. Free nicotine replacement therapy is available upon request.

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    California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership's mission is to counteract, through education and advocacy efforts, the negative impact tobacco use has had on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

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