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WV press release.doc 21-Nov-2008 19:29 84k unknown 2008 10 24 - GLMA Plenary 02.ppt 24-Oct-2008 19:21 5092k unknown 2008 10 24 - GLMA Plenary.ppt 24-Oct-2008 19:10 6516k unknown 2008 2 27 Zoomerang Survey for Web 3.pdf 03-Mar-2008 16:32 84k unknown 2008 2 27 Zoomerang Survey for Web 3.xls 03-Mar-2008 16:31 128k unknown 2008 3 19 Zoomerang Survey for Web 4.xls 19-Mar-2008 15:12 136k unknown 2008 3 19 Zoomerang Survey for Web.xls 19-Mar-2008 15:15 136k unknown 2008 4 7 Zoomerang Survey for Web.pdf 07-Apr-2008 19:46 84k unknown 2008 4 7 Zoomerang Survey for Web.xls 07-Apr-2008 19:46 140k unknown 2008 7 22 Zoomerang Survey for Web.pdf 22-Jul-2008 19:14 80k unknown 2008 7 22 Zoomerang Survey for Web.xls 22-Jul-2008 19:13 140k unknown 2008 APHA Poster - Cult Comp 03.pdf 04-Nov-2008 17:59 1920k unknown 2008 APHA Poster - State Level 03.pdf 04-Nov-2008 17:44 1668k unknown 20080701LGBTs_and_Tobacco.pdf 30-Jul-2008 15:21 76k unknown 2008_07_01_-_LGBTs_and_Tobacco.pdf 03-Jul-2008 12:56 76k unknown 2008_07_01_-_LGBTs_and_Tobacco2.doc 03-Jul-2008 15:17 0k unknown 2008_09_07_-_cog_testing_article_briefing.doc 12-Sep-2008 19:37 148k unknown 2009 03 newsletter FINAL.pdf 22-Apr-2009 17:29 584k unknown 2009 03 newsletter.pdf 22-Apr-2009 17:47 144k unknown 2009 06 newsletter final.pdf 01-Jul-2009 14:44 304k unknown 2009 April newsletter FINAL.pdf 27-Apr-2009 18:44 540k unknown 2010 09 Testimony NCMHD Scout.pdf 16-Sep-2010 17:13 152k unknown 2010 2011 CamelsnusPFads.pdf 14-Jul-2011 21:22 5564k unknown 2010 Promising Practices.pdf 23-Jun-2010 19:10 140k unknown 2010_2011_CamelsnusPFads.pdf 14-Jul-2011 21:10 940k unknown 2011_ProjFilterADS_BoiseW_FINAL Approved reduced.pdf 22-Mar-2011 19:02 1664k unknown 2012 Summit Registration Form.doc 19-Jan-2012 15:49 104k unknown 2012 Summit Sponsorship Packet-Final.docx 28-Feb-2012 17:21 796k [IMG] 4.php.jpg 17-Mar-2012 04:13 4k [IMG] 404.php.gif 17-Mar-2012 04:10 4k unknown 8th National LGBTQ Health Equity Summit Registration Form Final.doc 18-Jan-2012 17:12 104k unknown 8th National LGBTQ Health Equity Summit Registration Form Final1.doc 18-Jan-2012 20:16 104k unknown A Blueprint for Meeting LGBT health and Human Services Needs in NYS.pdf 23-Nov-2010 21:41 596k unknown AI_Eval_IndicatorToolkit.pdf 03-Aug-2011 19:20 148k unknown AI_Eval_Indicator_Toolkit.pdf 01-Aug-2011 20:36 148k unknown ALA lgbt-report.pdf 14-Jul-2010 20:13 2948k unknown APPEAL factsheet AAPI LGBT.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:17 120k unknown Action Plan FY\' 09-10 Mod Final.pdf 10-May-2010 18:27 152k [IMG] Am Spirit Freedom to Ad.jpg 15-Jan-2008 19:32 284k unknown Amadio & Chung - J G & L Soc Services v17n1_04.pdf 28-Sep-2011 18:25 1736k unknown AmericanSpiritAd.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:39 484k unknown Analysis Leave No Funds Behind _Final.pdf 21-Dec-2011 21:18 140k unknown Annotated Bibliography of Notable LGBT Health Disparity Studies _2_.pdf 13-Jul-2010 18:32 244k unknown Annotated Bibliography_Tobacco_1_24_11.pdf 24-Jan-2011 16:38 680k unknown Annual Action Plan FY 09-10 Mod Final.pdf 04-Apr-2011 18:47 76k unknown Annual Action Plan FY\' 09-10 Mod Final.pdf 10-May-2010 18:12 152k unknown Arizona Native SceneApril2011WEB.pdf 25-Apr-2011 16:52 800k unknown Arizona_smoking_lgbt_report.pdf 01-Oct-2007 14:55 292k unknown ArkansasLGBTSurvey.pdf 07-Dec-2011 15:06 2564k unknown Atlanta Lesbian Health Final Report 2010-2011.pdf 09-May-2011 15:00 2148k unknown Austin et al - Arch Ped Adol Med v158n4_4.04.pdf 28-Sep-2011 20:31 96k unknown Bible.pdf 22-Oct-2008 19:47 260k unknown Bontempo & DAugelli - JAdolHlth v30n5_5.02.pdf 28-Sep-2011 20:26 272k unknown Bradford et al - J Consult Clin Psychology v62n2_4.94.pdf 29-Sep-2011 16:13 1476k unknown Burkhalter 2005 Tobacco use and readiness to quit in low income HIV infected ... 09-Aug-2010 19:54 292k unknown Burning Love- LGBT Youth and Advertising.pdf 24-Jul-2007 18:33 464k unknown ButtOutBarFinal.pdf 21-Jun-2010 12:17 6008k unknown CAncerFactsForGayMen.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:20 128k unknown CAncerFactsForLesbiansSP.pdf 03-Jan-2007 19:11 1828k unknown CCCHETobacco and Poverty report.pdf 14-Jan-2011 19:49 1228k unknown CDC_MMWR_Vol60.pdf 21-Jan-2011 19:18 3084k unknown CIA Spanish Final.pdf 22-Mar-2011 14:42 264k unknown CO GLBT Tobacco Needs Assessment Paper Survey Final.pdf 02-Apr-2008 13:48 140k unknown CO Smokefree GLBT_Tobacco_Factsheet.pdf 24-Jul-2007 19:05 28k unknown CTG State Webinar.ppt 13-Jun-2011 17:27 2200k unknown CTG Webinar Final For Website.pdf 02-Jun-2011 22:29 1540k [IMG] Camel Pleasure to Burn 2 2005 Advocate.jpg 27-Sep-2011 18:43 144k [IMG] Camel Pleasure to Burn 2004 Lesbians.jpg 27-Sep-2011 18:45 200k [IMG] Camel Pleasure to Burn 2005 Advocate.jpg 27-Sep-2011 19:09 168k [IMG] Camel Pride.jpg 24-Aug-2007 20:06 100k unknown CamelAd.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:51 544k unknown Canada GLBT Cessation Evaluation.pdf 13-Jul-2007 14:44 156k unknown Canada Survey Instrument.pdf 10-Apr-2008 15:12 96k unknown CancerFActsForGayMenSP.pdf 03-Jan-2007 19:09 2484k unknown CancerFactsForLesbiansACS.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:22 128k unknown CatchABuz.pdf 11-Jan-2007 14:52 3160k unknown Cessation Report Release FINAL - with logo.pdf 19-Dec-2008 16:54 124k unknown CessationBible.pdf 22-Oct-2008 19:36 260k unknown Ch 06 - Sample Evaluation for Treatment Groups.doc 05-Dec-2006 22:56 460k unknown Changing The Game_Report on Healthcare Reform and LGBTs.pdf 30-Mar-2011 17:27 616k unknown Chicago LGBT Tobacco 2008 Creating Change.pdf 07-Apr-2008 22:05 332k unknown Citations_3_24_08.pdf 24-Mar-2008 19:50 68k unknown CoNeedsAssesment.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:33 152k unknown Cochran et al - AJPH v91n4_4.01.pdf 28-Sep-2011 20:22 88k unknown Cognitive Testing on an LGBT Surveillance Question.pdf 11-Jan-2011 19:40 228k [IMG] Coming Out_Lucky Strike Ad.jpg 24-Aug-2007 19:49 268k unknown Coming_Out_About_Smoking_NYAC.pdf 24-Aug-2010 19:07 1756k unknown Comments on the National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy 12.5.2010.pdf 07-Dec-2010 22:38 448k unknown Community Activist Award Application Information 2007.doc 22-Nov-2006 23:12 152k [IMG] Companies that Care.jpg 24-Aug-2007 19:56 116k unknown Consultant List 9.09.pdf 25-Sep-2009 22:12 60k unknown Consultant List September 2009.pdf 25-Sep-2009 21:48 60k unknown Convenant House Smoking Posters and Cards.pdf 17-Aug-2010 18:30 2076k unknown Covenant House Quit Card & Poster.pdf 10-Aug-2010 17:36 948k unknown Cultural Competence in quitlines.pdf 14-Dec-2006 21:18 68k unknown Cultural Competency Example.pdf 20-Jul-2009 15:15 80k unknown Directory_061009.xls 09-Oct-2006 17:07 44k unknown DisparitiesStrategicPlan- Wisconson.pdf 11-Jul-2007 19:04 192k unknown EthicalFundingForLGBTOrganizations.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:34 448k unknown Excel on the Web 3 19 2008.pdf 19-Mar-2008 15:14 84k unknown Excel on the Web 3 2008.pdf 19-Mar-2008 15:11 84k unknown FINAL DISPARITIES PLAN.pdf 29-Dec-2006 18:11 232k unknown FREE guide.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:11 2248k unknown Feldman et al - AJPH v96n6_6.06.pdf 28-Sep-2011 20:19 132k unknown Fenway_Brochure_Spanish.pdf 22-Mar-2011 15:32 4044k unknown Final Abstracts Submission Packet (2).docx 15-Feb-2012 18:27 96k unknown Final Abstracts Submission Packet.docx 14-Feb-2012 17:21 96k unknown Final Quitguide2.pdf 13-Feb-2009 16:16 53824k unknown Final Report Sexual Identity.pdf 11-Nov-2011 16:06 612k unknown Final Tobacco Survey-2012-2222.doc 15-Mar-2012 15:14 44k unknown Flavored Disease and Death for Minorities.pdf 12-Oct-2011 20:06 216k unknown Furber_Is Smoking Tobacco an Independent Risk Factor for HIV.pdf 05-Jan-2011 22:20 156k unknown GASO_PressRelease.doc 10-Jan-2007 20:38 24k unknown GLBT%20Tobacco.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:25 120k unknown GLBTandTobaccoFromACS SP.pdf 03-Jan-2007 19:13 1880k unknown GLLI_California_LGBT_Tobacco_Education_Partnership_ad_Dec_09.pdf 24-Feb-2010 19:30 160k unknown GREATEST_ENEMY.pdf 30-Jan-2007 20:31 316k unknown Galai et al - J AIDS & Hum Retrovir n14n5_04.97.pdf 29-Sep-2011 16:19 640k unknown GayAdultsWillingtoPayExtra.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:35 76k unknown GayTeensandSmoking.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:24 52k unknown Greenwood et al - AJPH v95n1_1.05.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:59 112k unknown Gruskin & Gordon - BMC PH v6n241_10.06.pdf 28-Sep-2011 18:30 248k unknown Gruskin et al - AJPH v91n6_6.01.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:55 72k unknown HAW Contact List.xls 08-Feb-2011 21:03 36k unknown HHS Strategic Plan 2001.pdf 22-Apr-2010 21:53 0k unknown HHS Strategic Plan.pdf 22-Apr-2010 21:49 0k unknown HIV Flyer rev.pdf 01-Sep-2010 18:07 84k unknown HIV SOL Final.pdf 09-Mar-2010 20:40 344k unknown HIV SOL Spanish.pdf 22-Mar-2011 14:30 776k unknown HP2020BisexualPeople.pdf 02-Dec-2010 17:37 464k unknown HP2020GayMensHealthFact.pdf 02-Dec-2010 17:37 564k unknown HP2020HealthyCompanionDoc3.pdf 02-Dec-2010 17:37 2364k unknown HP2020LesbianPeople.pdf 02-Dec-2010 17:38 476k unknown HUD Leadership Letter.doc 16-Apr-2010 20:22 0k unknown HUD Leadership Letter.pdf 16-Apr-2010 20:09 0k unknown HUD Leadership Public Comment.pdf 16-Apr-2010 20:14 0k unknown HUD.pdf 16-Apr-2010 20:17 0k unknown Harding et al - BMC PH v4n43_9.04.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:09 228k unknown HealthyCompanionDoc.pdf 02-Dec-2010 19:59 2364k unknown Heather Ryan Annotated Bibliography - 2008 03 27.pdf 04-Apr-2008 20:10 372k unknown Helping Smokers Quit - State Cessation Coverage 11-13-08.pdf 19-Dec-2008 16:51 1148k unknown High Tobacco Use among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations in West Virgini... 06-Jul-2011 15:54 204k unknown HoldingAStrategicEventHandout_2012_FINAL.docx 30-Apr-2012 16:50 212k unknown How Movie Labels Hide the Biggest Media Risk to Kids.pdf 27-Jul-2010 16:29 764k unknown How to reach the LGBT community through Quitlines.pdf 13-Feb-2008 21:46 132k unknown How-many-people-are-LGBT-Final.pdf 12-Apr-2011 19:02 668k unknown IOM Report Brief 2011_Health of LGBT People.pdf 31-Mar-2011 15:42 932k unknown IOM Report Summary_Health of LGBT People.pdf 31-Mar-2011 16:12 692k unknown Idaho Tobacco Prevention and Control Program LGBT.pdf 11-Jan-2011 21:37 272k unknown Indiana Disparities Plan 2003.pdf 11-Jul-2007 19:29 124k unknown Iowa March 08 tob_networks_rfp.pdf 28-Mar-2008 16:14 144k unknown Iowa March 08 tob_networks_rfp2.pdf 28-Mar-2008 18:07 144k unknown JANUARY 2011 PDF.pdf 10-Jan-2011 17:41 184k unknown KLKALWebChgs 2-2-09.pdf 11-Feb-2009 22:07 26440k unknown King & Nazareth - BMC PH v6n127_06.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:13 296k unknown Kool Big Menthol.pdf 06-May-2011 14:46 744k unknown LGBT Directory excel 04.22.09.xls 22-Apr-2009 15:48 56k unknown LGBT People and Smoking_Coalition for LGBT health.pdf 02-Jan-2008 20:15 44k unknown LGBT Pride Month Veterans Memo.pdf 21-Jun-2010 15:42 136k unknown LGBT Pubs - by Year 03.10 version.pdf 30-Mar-2010 15:43 268k unknown LGBT Pubs - by Year_03.19.10.pdf 22-Mar-2010 16:48 236k unknown LGBT Pubs - by Year_03.2010.doc 22-Mar-2010 17:14 248k unknown LGBT Pubs - by Year_03.2010.pdf 22-Mar-2010 17:17 236k unknown LGBT Tobacco Control Network - Sept 2006.ppt 11-Oct-2006 14:30 444k unknown LGBT Tobacco History 02[1].ppt 28-Feb-2007 19:46 3348k unknown LGBT Tobacco History 7.23.09.pdf 23-Jul-2009 14:50 604k unknown LGBT Tobacco History.pdf 20-Jul-2009 15:19 604k unknown LGBT Tobacco History.ppt 11-Oct-2006 17:47 3348k unknown LGBT TobaccoActionPlan.pdf 10-Jan-2007 19:52 268k unknown LGBT-TobaccoActionPlan.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:52 268k unknown LGBT2ndedition.pdf 30-Jan-2007 20:29 5408k unknown LGBTCulturalCompetencyinFundingWhitePaper.pdf 20-Sep-2011 18:21 116k unknown LGBTExecSummary.pdf 20-Jul-2010 17:51 196k unknown LGBTTobaccoFactsheetFinal.pdf 12-Oct-2011 15:27 188k unknown LGBTTobaccoFactsheetFinal11.pdf 12-Oct-2011 16:34 188k unknown LGBTTobaccoFactsheetFinal2011.pdf 12-Oct-2011 17:03 188k unknown LGBTTobaccoHistory.pdf 20-Jul-2009 16:38 604k unknown LGBT_Evaluation_Profile.pdf 22-Jul-2008 18:05 2748k unknown LGBT_Policy_Statement_on_Comprehensive_Cessation_Services.doc.pdf 16-Sep-2010 14:45 88k unknown LGBTfactsheet Legacy 2011.pdf 28-Mar-2011 17:57 232k unknown LTE Advocate Info Jan 07.pdf 27-Sep-2011 18:19 180k unknown LTE Advocate Info Jan07.pdf 27-Sep-2011 18:18 180k unknown Last Drag Curriculum Dec 2006.doc 10-Jan-2007 20:31 1036k unknown LavenderEditorial_2011.pdf 25-Apr-2011 20:10 284k unknown LesbiansAndGaysFaceTobaccoTargeting.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:50 76k unknown Let it SNUS ad_Boise.pdf 22-Mar-2011 18:58 936k unknown Letters to the Editor, JGLMH 2010.pdf 22-Sep-2010 15:18 180k unknown Louisiana LGBT Tobacco Use.pdf 23-May-2011 20:07 564k unknown Low_SES_Booklet.pdf 15-Dec-2010 21:02 5588k [IMG] Lucky Strike_GLAAD dinner.jpg 22-Aug-2007 14:59 108k [IMG] LuckyStrikeDudeGay.jpg 15-Jan-2008 19:24 40k unknown MMWR 6.6.2011 YRBS Report.pdf 07-Jun-2011 15:18 1836k unknown MN LAAMPP flyer.v5.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:53 352k unknown MN Latino Full Report.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:13 744k unknown MN SEAsianExecSummary.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:13 1824k unknown MP Anti-Smoking Education Campaign.pdf 29-Aug-2007 16:27 100k [IMG] MP lesbian PalmCards.jpg 29-Aug-2007 16:26 20k unknown MPFacts about Lesbians and Smoking.pdf 29-Aug-2007 16:39 136k unknown MSC_TobaccoPolicy (2).pdf 22-Mar-2011 18:54 1276k unknown MarlboroAd.pdf 11-Jan-2007 14:53 256k unknown Matthews Letter to NIH.pdf 17-Oct-2011 20:39 272k unknown Meyer-Sexuality-Research-and-Social-Policy2.pdf 13-Oct-2011 20:25 868k unknown Microsoft Word - CO Case_Statement_lp_Final.pdf 19-Feb-2008 19:16 188k unknown Microsoft Word - Citations_1_16_08.pdf 07-Mar-2008 20:25 64k unknown Microsoft Word - Citations_3_11_08.pdf 11-Mar-2008 19:21 68k unknown Microsoft Word - NPNYOUTHTHREE.doc f.pdf 14-Jan-2008 17:21 220k unknown Microsoft Word - NPNYOUTHfinal.pdf 31-Jan-2008 16:38 200k unknown Missouri Strategic Plan final-1.pdf 25-Apr-2008 17:14 240k unknown Moving Forward PDF.pdf 30-Sep-2010 16:11 332k unknown NC LGBT Disparities Report.pdf 21-Jun-2010 16:10 288k unknown NM LGBT Health Data Report 2010.pdf 16-Jun-2010 15:21 3168k unknown NM Pride Questions 2006.pdf 08-Apr-2008 15:26 36k unknown NPHPS_National Prevention Strategy Comments.pdf 13-Jan-2011 20:52 156k unknown NPHPS_National Prevention Strategy Comments_12.22.10.pdf 13-Jan-2011 20:37 156k unknown NTR-letter.pdf 24-Nov-2010 17:06 48k unknown NatNetPolicyStatement Funding.pdf 26-Sep-2011 19:16 1236k unknown NatNetPolicyStatement1.pdf 26-Sep-2011 19:13 1236k unknown NatNetworks JointPolicy Statement & Attachments 2010.pdf 09-Nov-2010 20:48 1496k unknown National LGBT Communities Tobacco Action Plan.pdf 12-Oct-2006 20:50 48k unknown National Network Consortium Disparity Statement on Data Collection - Final.pdf 17-Oct-2011 21:19 376k unknown National Networks Joint Policy Statement.pdf 09-Nov-2010 22:20 1492k unknown National Networks Joint Statement to Deyton and Collins.pdf 17-Oct-2011 21:27 436k unknown NationalTransStudy2010.pdf 08-Nov-2010 17:14 2592k unknown NatlNetworks JoinPolicy Statement - 2010 11 09.pdf 09-Nov-2010 16:02 1468k unknown NatlNetworks JoinPolicy Statement - Tue 02.doc 09-Nov-2010 15:37 1620k unknown NatlNetworks JoinPolicy Statement.pdf 09-Nov-2010 15:50 508k unknown Nemoto et al - AJPH v95n3_3.05.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:51 80k unknown Network Joint Statement.pdf 23-Apr-2009 13:59 72k unknown NeverTooLateposter.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:46 224k unknown New Mexico 2006 LGBT Report-General.pdf 08-Apr-2008 15:20 280k unknown New Mexico_Tobacco_Disparities_Strategic_Plan.pdf 11-Jul-2007 19:14 808k unknown Newsletter 02 09_final.pdf 22-Apr-2009 17:29 440k unknown Newsletter 10 08 Final.pdf 22-Apr-2009 17:28 620k unknown Newsletter 4 08.pdf 12-May-2008 20:24 76k unknown Newsletter 5 08.pdf 22-May-2008 14:17 164k unknown Non commercial content[1].pdf 30-Jan-2007 20:33 828k unknown North Dakota Alcohol Summit.ppt 08-Sep-2010 15:49 5444k unknown NorthCarolinaReport.pdf 14-Feb-2008 16:13 288k unknown OH LGBT Report.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:14 132k unknown OH SmokingCoupon.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:14 140k unknown OH TUPCFproof.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:15 520k unknown OHIO survey.pdf 09-Apr-2008 18:23 84k unknown OHIO survey2.pdf 09-Apr-2008 18:33 92k unknown OH_ActionPlan.pdf 15-Feb-2008 14:49 460k unknown OMH Health Equity Plan Comments 2.16.2011.pdf 22-Apr-2011 19:24 224k unknown OMH Health Equity Plan Comments 2010 02 16.pdf 22-Apr-2011 18:49 56k unknown Occasional Smoking in College.pdf 20-Dec-2011 20:02 180k unknown Offen et al - TC v12n2_6.03.pdf 28-Sep-2011 18:42 176k unknown OganizingPSEChangeHandout_2012_FINAL.doc 30-Apr-2012 16:49 240k unknown Ohio Feb RFP_LBGT_Tobacco.pdf 15-Feb-2008 15:08 412k unknown Ohio RFP.pdf 12-Feb-2008 20:09 200k unknown Ohio focus group LGBT Transcript.pdf 23-Nov-2010 20:29 112k unknown Oregon Free and Clear survey_final.pdf 22-Aug-2007 19:01 152k unknown Oregon Pride Smoking Survey.pdf 29-Jun-2007 20:17 208k unknown Oregon Survey 2007.pdf 22-Aug-2007 19:02 28k unknown OregonPride05FactSheet.pdf 22-Aug-2007 19:02 84k unknown PM Job Description.doc 05-Jan-2007 16:29 40k unknown POSTER.pdf 20-Aug-2007 18:14 404k unknown PR_Presentation_espanol_LGBT_Network.ppt 09-Sep-2010 17:24 2796k [IMG] Parliament Ad #2.jpg 22-Aug-2007 14:58 476k [IMG] Parliament Gay men and dog ad.jpg 15-Jan-2008 19:36 24k unknown ParliamentAds.pdf 11-Jan-2007 14:53 176k unknown PhilipMorrisPushBrandOnGayMedia.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:36 52k unknown PhillipMorris.pdf 11-Jan-2007 14:54 2172k unknown Pics CA campaign June 06.pdf 08-Apr-2008 18:08 132k unknown PledgefromCalifornia.pdf 20-Jul-2009 16:39 292k unknown Pledges from California LGBT Elected Officials, background July 07.ppt 03-Jul-2007 20:46 1180k unknown Pledges from California.pdf 20-Jul-2009 15:16 292k unknown Politics and Data.ppt 03-Jan-2007 20:03 2240k unknown Prevalence & Cessation among LGBT AZ 2008.pdf 17-Mar-2008 19:29 24k unknown Project Narrative.pdf 06-Mar-2012 15:53 140k unknown Promising Practices 2010.pdf 22-Jun-2010 15:32 140k unknown Provider Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment.pdf 10-Sep-2010 20:43 592k unknown Provider\'s Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment.pdf 10-Sep-2010 20:31 592k unknown Q-TIPS2C.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:48 116k unknown QueerTIPsrevManual.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:32 280k unknown RFA09_-_LGBT_final032008.pdf 28-Mar-2008 15:29 144k unknown RFP_07-08_Youth Mini-Grant.pdf 12-Feb-2008 20:11 516k unknown RHI glbt-report.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:19 1928k unknown RI optionsLayoutFemale.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:19 660k unknown RI optionsLayoutMale.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:19 604k unknown RJR_Project_SCUM_1995.pdf 11-Jan-2007 15:03 908k unknown Rates and Reasons.pdf 02-May-2011 19:19 420k unknown Reach Serve LGBT - Buchting Presentation.ppt 03-Jan-2007 19:15 848k unknown Reach Serve LGBT - Scout presentation.pdf 20-Jul-2009 15:34 80k unknown Reach Serve LGBT - Scout presentation.ppt 03-Jan-2007 20:01 84k unknown ReachServeScout.pdf 20-Jul-2009 16:39 80k unknown Rebuttals to Opp Claims 2010 091310 FINAL.pdf 01-Oct-2010 15:19 160k unknown Recommended Actions to Improve LGBT Health and Well-Being.pdf 04-Nov-2011 17:29 88k unknown Report%20on%20Tobacco%20Consumption%20Among%20Hispanic%20Latino%20LGBT.pdf 21-Jan-2011 19:34 3968k unknown Response in the Vital Voice March 2008.pdf 03-Apr-2008 20:04 76k unknown Romantic attraction and adolescent smoking trajectories.pdf 29-Sep-2011 16:33 236k unknown Ryan - 2001.pdf 12-Apr-2007 14:22 156k unknown SAMSHA WEBINAR PP.ppt 08-Feb-2011 20:15 836k unknown SMART_Report DATA Nov09.pdf 23-Nov-2010 21:24 928k unknown SOL Ernesto Final 12.1.pdf 20-Dec-2010 19:46 160k unknown SOL V2 _quitlines.pdf 05-Jan-2009 15:00 460k unknown SOL issue 1 final.pdf 12-May-2008 20:12 1716k unknown Sandfort et al - AJPH v96n6_6.06.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:46 124k unknown Season SNUS ad.pdf 22-Mar-2011 19:50 2196k unknown Season\'s SNUS\'N ad.pdf 22-Mar-2011 18:50 2196k unknown Sexual_orientation_on_2009_YRBS[1].pdf 30-Sep-2010 18:11 116k unknown Smith & Malone - AJPH v93n6_6.03.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:44 104k unknown Smith et al - J Epi Comty Health v59n12_12.05.pdf 28-Sep-2011 18:56 96k unknown Smoke-Free Resolution 2011 SNUS ad.pdf 22-Mar-2011 18:45 912k unknown SmokeOutLogo_2Color[1].pdf 11-Jan-2007 15:19 40k unknown SmokeOutLogo_BW[1].pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:37 36k unknown Smoke_Free_Air_FINAL.pdf 30-Mar-2010 17:06 124k unknown SmokefreeBeaches.pdf 02-Sep-2010 20:39 40k unknown SmokefreeWorkplace.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:52 248k unknown Smokeless LGBT DC Tobacco Factsheet.doc 23-May-2011 17:33 2188k unknown SmokingAmongLesbiansGaysandBisexuals.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:53 156k unknown SmokingCessationFINAL.pdf 22-Oct-2008 19:31 260k unknown SmokingFlag.pdf 03-Oct-2007 18:10 20k unknown SmokingHIVInfectionAndGayMenInUS.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:54 84k [IMG] SpanishQuitlinePoster.jpg 23-Mar-2011 19:21 10028k [IMG] Spanish_QuitlinePoster.jpg 23-Mar-2011 19:27 10028k unknown Stall et al - AJPH v89n12_12.99.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:01 1328k unknown State_LGBT_Best_Practices_2007[1].pdf 12-May-2008 20:29 232k unknown Steering Committe Youth-Young Adult Application.doc 01-Feb-2011 21:45 1464k unknown Summit DRAFT Agenda for Distribution 4 11.pdf 12-Apr-2012 15:50 300k unknown Summit Registration Form 2012.doc 19-Jan-2012 15:46 104k unknown Summit Registration Form 2012.docx 19-Jan-2012 15:03 84k unknown Surgeon General 2010 Report_How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease.pdf 09-Dec-2010 16:59 44636k unknown Surgeon General_Consume_ How Tobacco Smoke Causes Diseases.pdf 09-Dec-2010 17:11 1836k unknown Surgeon General_clinician_What to Tell your Patients.pdf 09-Dec-2010 17:14 188k unknown SurgeonGeneral_executivesummary.pdf 09-Dec-2010 17:07 356k unknown Surveillance Briefing Paper 03.doc 09-May-2007 19:09 212k unknown Surveillance Briefing Paper 04.doc 15-May-2007 16:31 216k unknown Surveillance Briefing Paper 07.pdf 11-Jan-2008 21:23 84k unknown Surveillance Briefing Paper 08.pdf 08-Sep-2008 19:32 80k unknown Surveillance Briefing Paper 08b.pdf 08-Sep-2008 19:42 80k unknown SurveillanceBriefingPaper05.pdf 30-Jul-2007 15:52 224k unknown Surveillance_Briefing_Paper_05.pdf 21-Aug-2007 18:00 224k unknown TObacco and the LGBT Community.pdf 27-Aug-2007 15:13 120k unknown TPCI_DisparitiesRFA.pdf 12-Feb-2008 20:12 160k unknown TRTS Report.pdf 25-Jul-2007 15:20 384k unknown Take Action.pdf 10-Jun-2008 20:48 76k unknown Take Action2.pdf 11-Jun-2008 20:18 76k unknown TalkingPointsForGLBTAudiences.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:55 68k unknown The outing of Philip Morris.pdf 24-Jul-2007 19:29 124k unknown Tobacco Use Among Missouri LGBTQ_final report_2009.pdf 22-Jul-2010 17:04 428k unknown Tobacco Use Among Missouri\'s LGBTQ_final report 2009.pdf 22-Jul-2010 16:33 428k unknown Tobacco Use Among Missouri\'s LGBTQ_final report_2009.pdf 22-Jul-2010 16:56 428k unknown Tool Kit CBO 7.24.09.pdf 24-Jul-2009 16:51 1224k unknown Tool Kit for State Funders.pdf 22-Feb-2011 18:21 1224k unknown ToolKit _State 7.24.09.pdf 24-Jul-2009 16:51 452k unknown Trans Webinar ppt.ppt 12-Nov-2010 16:31 1680k unknown TransHealthPriorities.pdf 14-Jan-2011 20:23 80k unknown TransgenderHealthFact.pdf 02-Dec-2010 17:38 424k unknown TrinketsSurveillanceUpdate-May2011.pdf 25-May-2011 17:53 184k unknown Two-Spirit Migration.pdf 20-Dec-2010 19:24 1312k unknown VT RU12 5X7 Card.pdf 09-Oct-2006 20:19 188k unknown VirginiaSlimsAd.pdf 11-Jan-2007 14:55 188k unknown Voices of the Population Affected by Tobacco Ohio.pdf 23-Nov-2010 20:08 212k unknown WPATHsoc7.pdf 26-Sep-2011 20:05 1708k unknown WVCovenant-survey-paper-FINAL.pdf 16-Jul-2010 17:33 116k unknown WVCovenat Survey_Quit Card_&_Poster.pdf 27-Jul-2010 18:29 1100k unknown Wang et al - Preventive Med v44n1_1.07.pdf 28-Sep-2011 18:48 136k unknown Washington - AJPH v92n7_7.02.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:42 464k unknown WaysTheTobaccoIndustryMarketsLesbiansandGays.pdf 10-Jan-2007 20:36 72k unknown WhenSmkrsQuit.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:56 164k unknown Why the LGBT press should refuse tobacco ads OFFEN long version.doc 22-Mar-2011 19:10 44k unknown Why the LGBT press should refuse tobacco ads OFFEN short version.doc 22-Mar-2011 19:09 44k unknown X18747_tobacco handout1.pdf 30-Apr-2012 16:51 124k unknown YearOneFocusGroups2ndedition.pdf 11-Jan-2007 15:00 664k unknown Young & Meyer - AJPH v95n7_7.05.pdf 28-Sep-2011 19:38 272k unknown alffinalreport.pdf 03-Jan-2007 19:07 1176k unknown avatar.php.t.pdf 29-Apr-2011 20:52 4k unknown bi_health_5_07_b.pdf 12-Oct-2011 19:48 1660k [IMG] bin.php.jpg 13-Feb-2012 08:04 16k [IMG] btqlogo.gif 09-Oct-2006 15:40 4k unknown c99.doc 28-Feb-2012 13:16 4k unknown caminoritysmoking.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:19 16k unknown ciapolicy.pdf 11-Oct-2006 20:07 60k unknown ciapolicy_2010.pdf 30-Mar-2010 17:15 124k unknown feedpeopleR2.pdf 11-Feb-2009 14:28 1976k unknown heatherRyanLGBT_Reference_List_2.1.07.pdf 28-Mar-2008 15:13 280k unknown helping-smokers-quit2010.pdf 09-Nov-2010 20:30 1476k [IMG] i choose.gif 27-Sep-2011 16:33 100k unknown kiss.pdf 30-Jan-2007 20:24 212k unknown legacy lgbt factsheet.pdf 27-Dec-2006 21:48 120k unknown lips.pdf 30-Jan-2007 20:25 192k [IMG] logo.gif 22-May-2007 19:24 12k unknown mautnersmokingbrochure vo.pdf 23-Feb-2009 20:44 100k unknown mautnersmokingbrochure.pdf 29-Aug-2007 16:40 100k unknown nolte_trends in 16 high-income nations.pdf 26-Sep-2011 15:48 176k [IMG] phpinfo.php.gif 24-Jan-2012 22:33 16k unknown preemptionenemy.pdf 08-Sep-2010 21:52 76k unknown program specialist job announcement.doc 13-Mar-2007 16:59 28k unknown proposalform.pdf 01-Dec-2006 16:43 44k unknown quitdates final PDF.pdf 15-Dec-2011 17:35 508k unknown quitguide.pdf 19-Dec-2008 16:20 144k unknown recommendations.pdf 29-Dec-2006 17:50 284k unknown smoking cessation among women at risk for hiv (2).pdf 01-Sep-2010 18:07 136k unknown smokingcessation.pdf 08-Jun-2007 19:14 48k unknown smokinghiv.pdf 08-Jun-2007 19:13 40k unknown smokinglgbt.pdf 08-Jun-2007 19:17 44k unknown somos article_2010.pdf 19-Nov-2010 20:57 128k unknown special agent team statement FINAL.pdf 23-Nov-2009 19:45 168k unknown statebestpractices.pdf 20-Jul-2009 16:43 232k unknown storm2.pdf 29-Apr-2011 20:54 52k unknown the economic impact of.pdf 13-Jun-2008 15:07 152k unknown the economic impact.pdf 13-Jun-2008 14:58 152k unknown the economic impact2.pdf 13-Jun-2008 15:01 152k unknown tobacco-use-report06.pdf 05-Feb-2007 16:51 760k unknown tobaccofinalreport.pdf 11-Jan-2007 15:00 8936k unknown trans hiv data-recommendations 2010.pdf 16-Jun-2010 14:49 112k unknown treatmentfactsheet.pdf 11-Oct-2006 20:00 76k unknown vital_voice_responses[1].pdf 28-Mar-2008 15:40 192k unknown windy_city_times.pdf 17-Jun-2009 18:32 116k unknown wso.doc 14-Apr-2012 11:55 12k unknown wv-survey-report_2010-08-11.pdf 11-Jan-2011 21:52 436k

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