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  • 04-28-2009
    Crush, Las Vegas holds nonsmoking holiday event attended by over 800 people
    CRUSH hosted a Holiday party called the CRUSH Stocking Stuffer at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The purpose of the Holiday party was to encourage smokers to quit in the new year by promoting available cessation resources to the LGBT community. Attendance at the event was over 800...
  • 04-21-2009
    Action Alert on LGBT data!
    Action Alert from the National Coalition for LGBT Health

    Our Appropriations Request Is Moving!!

    Ask Your Senator to Sign On in Support of an LGBT Question on the National Health Interview Survey


    A few weeks ago, we as...
  • 04-20-2009
    Prevalence and Trends of Smoking Decrease
    During 1998--2007, linear decreases were observed in 28 states, DC, and PR. Trends in smoking prevalence varied among these states; however, all had reached a peak prevalence before 2004 and then began to decrease. ...
  • 04-20-2009
    Centro Presente is looking for a Youth Organizer
    We want to share with you that Centro Presente is looking for a Youth Organizer to help us move our vision forward. We want to build and support a community of Latino youth working to defend immigrant rights and to inspire and empower a new generation to act for meaningful social change and economic...